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Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

Q1: Are foreigners allowed to purchase real estate in Kuwait.?

Answer: Foreigners are not allowed to own real estate in Kuwait except nationals of GCC countries

Q2: What are the requirements needed to rent/lease a real estate in Kuwait.?

Answer: For individuals who want to rent/lease real estate, the following are normally the standard requirements:

1.) Photocopy of Civil ID card

2.) Photocopy of Passport

3.) Dated letter from the Employer (Optional)

For Companies who want to rent/lease a real estate, the following are the requirements:

1.) Photocopy of Company Registration from Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI)

2.) Photocopy of Company Registrations from Ministry of Commerce and Industry

3.) Photocopy of Owner/s’ Civil ID

4.) Authorization letter for Signature

Q3: What are the terms and conditions normally stipulated in a contract to lease/rent.?

Answer: There is a real estate law of 1978. Generally, all leases are, in one way or the other, similar, but many owners of various commercial and residential properties have their own terms and conditions. We suggest that prior to signing a Lease Contract, review all the conditions and insist that it should be both in English and Arabic. Bear in mind that the Arabic translation takes precedence over the English version in all legal matters.

Q4: Can somebody rent a property when he/she is on a visit visa.?

Answer: A person visiting the country can rent a fully furnished hotel apartment for short-term stay.

Q5: What are the advantages of dealing with a realtor in finding the best property to rent.?

Answer: A Realtor is a real estate specialist. They understand the current market. Real estate professionals have house-to-house, street-by-street, and market-by-market experience which can’t be learned overnight. Realtors cooperate with each other through Multiple Listing Service (MLS) that allows them to share their current inventory with each other. They have the information that you do not have. By the time the property is posted in the internet, it could already be rented, so when you shop for an apartment or villa, you may not be seeing the most current inventory. That’s why clever realtors network with each other. Realtors also understand the complexities of the transaction. They draft contracts for lease or sale of properties almost on a daily basis and therefore are the experts in dealing with the repercussions of real estate transactions.

Q6 : Can a tenant sublet the property he/she rented.?

Answer: Tenants are not allowed to sublet the property he/she rented, or any part of it, without first obtaining a written permission from the Landlord.

Q7: Can a tenant use his security deposit in lieu of his rent.?

Answer: A security deposit is a deposit against damages to the property a tenant leases. The Landlord has every right to withhold part or the whole deposit to rectify and pay for the damages incurred.

Q8: What are the utilities and maintenance services included in a contract to lease.?

Answer: In most cases, water and electricity bills, maintenance for the AC system, major electrical and sanitary works are included in the contract to lease and normally are the responsibility of the Landlord.

Q9: Can a tenant alter or change the structure of the property being rented.?

Answer: Alterations and changes are not allowed inside and outside of the property without the written permission of the Landlord.

Q10: Can the facilities of the property be extended for use to non-tenants affiliated with the tenant.?

Answer: No, the facilities of the property are solely for the tenant’s use.

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