Leasing Service

Our leasing division handles a vast number of leasing inquiries. All clients are entered into an interactive listing. Each agent maintains a list of clients he or she is looking after.

All activities including comments, complaints, personal details, company details etc. relating to the particular client are entered and maintained in this listing as well as a list of all clients that visit the property on any criteria or fields, such as company, nationality, marital status or any other search criteria.

Q8REALTOR is the first point of contact for most companies, when relocating new staff in Kuwait; we are in constant contact with all of the major companies, organizations and educational institutes in Kuwait. In addition to our website and extensive contact database, large volume of inquiries are generated from advertising undertaken in various media outlets.

Management Type

The Owner’s have three (3) options to choose from:

Exclusive Marketing Agency
Exclusive Marketing & Rental Agency
Exclusive Management & Services Agency

Management Fee

Fees are negotiable depending on the size, age, conditions, facilities available and services that have to be provided.

The management fees are payable in advance, upon receipt of rental payment. Management will include the full back-up of the Q8REALTOR – Accounting Office.


Our primary objective is to provide a personal, pro-active and efficient management service, combining the extensive knowledge base of one of the most well established property consultancies in Kuwait with the professionalism and practices of a major international practice.

We are very keen to accept an appointment as property manager for your property and we hope that we have demonstrated our commitment, skills and experience through this submission, to illustrate that we would provide a service of the highest standard.

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