Furniture Essentials in Q8

Furniture is an important aspect and need for your property. They speak your mind and give you the feeling that you are at home.  People visiting your home will often keep an eye on the furniture’s at your property, they will even use the idea for their home. So furniture’s playing an important role must be selected with an eye. Below are some important points that you have follow while deciding to go furniture shopping.


  1. Don’t just get anything for the sake of filling up the space.
  2. Decide on the final list of furniture before getting into the market.
  3. Get your budget decided before hand and give 10% bleeding amount for the decided budget.
  4. Don’t decide on the first shop you visit even if you like it, browse through the listings and then decide.


Below are Top 5 Retailers in Kuwait for Furniture & Décor – List may change based on the market situation


Location : The Avenues Mall,
Hotline : +965 1840 408
Website :


Location : Al-Dajeej
Hotline : +965 1841414
Website :


Location : Sama Mall, The Avenues Mall, Shuwaikh Industrial Area, Awqaf Mall, Hamoud Tower
Contact : +965 2290 9909
Website :


Location : Farwaniya(Office Furniture), Al Rai(Home Furniture)
Hotline : +965 1888886
Website :


Location : Farwaniya
Hotline : +965 24928931 – 24928932 – 24928933
Website :

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